Friday, March 1, 2013

Pedophile Priest Scandals & Haigh's Faith

Since the papal conclave has been in the news recently, there have been a few article highlighting the Catholic church's ongoing sex abuse scandal.  For example, here is yesterday's Guardian article "Catholic church sex abuse ruling could cause big spike in compensation claims:"
The Catholic church could facing spiralling compensation costs after an attempt to avoid liability for abuses committed by priests and nuns was dismissed by the UK supreme court.... Lawyers for the trustees of Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust had appealed against a decision in the court of appeal that they had a duty to compensate a young girl for alleged beatings inflicted by a nun and sexual abuse perpetrated by a priest as long ago as the 1970s... The claim was brought by a 48-year-old woman known as JGE, who cannot be named for legal reasons. She said that as a child she was beaten by a nun at a convent-run care home and later raped and sexually assaulted by a priest.

For a novel about the Catholic child molestation scandals, try Jennifer Haigh's Faith. Here's how the book was described by Goodreads user Jeanette:
The plot crisis occurs in 2002, when the pedophile priest scandal has rocked the Boston Archdiocese. Father Arthur Breen's family is shocked when he is accused of molesting a little boy with whom he has spent a lot of time alone. Arthur's half-sister Sheila McGann narrates the family's history as it relates to the present situation. Their background determines how each family member reacts to the allegations against Arthur.

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