Sunday, April 28, 2013

Philippines Underbelly & Hagedorn's Dogeaters

From Friday's ABC News article "NY Man Wanted in 2 Philippines Killings Arrested:"
Almost two years after a retired British police officer and his live-in girlfriend were shot to death as they slept in the Philippines, New York State Police said Friday they arrested one of the men accused of doing it.
Troopers worked with the FBI and Interpol for several months to track down 35-year-old Timothy Noah Kaufman...
In a posting on its website, the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation says Kaufman and two other men shot 54-year-old David Balmer and his 26-year-old girlfriend, Elma de Guia, in September 2011 as they slept in the home of Balmer's business partner, Richard Agnew, in Angeles City. Agnew discovered their bodies the next day. Philippines media report the area is in the heart of the country's sex tourism business and that Agnew owns several clubs.
For a novel that delves into the poverty and the sex trade of the Philippines, try Dogeaters by Jessica Hagedorn:
This jazzy, sardonic novel depicts the nightmare world that was the Philippines of the Marcoses...  Rich and poor, everyone sells something here; everyone has a price. The common dream of a myriad group of characters--bored teenagers, timid shop girls, male prostitutes on the make--is that hollowest of all modern apotheoses, "stardom."
A visiting filmmaker, a German degenerate, buys the services of a pretty boy, who soliloquizes: "I'll have it all worked out, soon. I know I will. I have to. I'll hit the jackpot with one of these guys. Leave town. Get lucky . . . . Soon."

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