Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Reality TV & Peltier's Reality Boulevard

From today's BBC article "French reality TV doctor kills himself after contestant dies:"
A doctor who worked on French adventure reality TV show Koh Lanta has killed himself in Cambodia after one of the programme's contestants died. In a suicide note, Thierry Costa, 38, said his name had been "sullied by the media" over the death of Gerald Babin a week ago. Mr Babin had a heart attack during filming on the island of Koh Rong. Some media reports had criticised Dr Costa, saying he had taken too much time to treat the 25-year-old. Mr Babin had complained of cramps on the first day of filming on the southern Cambodian island on 22 March. Dr Costa administered emergency care before Mr Babin was airlifted to a mainland hospital where he died. French authorities have launched a preliminary investigation into Mr Babin's death. Broadcaster TF1 announced last week it would axe the popular show, described as France's version of Survivor, in response to his death.
For a novel about reality television, try Reality Boulevard by Melissa Jo Peltier:
When Oscar-winning producer Marty Maltzman’s award-winning non-fiction series Lights and Sirens is suddenly cancelled after 16 seasons, the quirky documentary film-maker and his colorful staff find themselves unemployed and out on the streets in an artificial new Hollywood filled with Kardashians, Survivors and Real Housewives. As the collection of oddball characters adapt to a surreal world where the lines between truth and lies are blurred – both on and off the screen – this darkly funny novel reveals an insider’s view of Hollywood and Reality TV.

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  1. Love this blog! And thanks so much for the pairing! Sadly there are many such news items related to reality TV - perhaps not quite so dramatic, but the medium as it currently is can be dangerous, to those both on the screen and watching it.