Monday, February 4, 2013

Boeing Dreamliner Glitches & Crichton's Airframe

From today's WSJ story "Boeing Dreamliner: Experts Still Stumped Over Burning Batteries:"
Despite talk of progress, investigators still don't know what caused the dangerous Dreamliner mishaps. As the probe of burning batteries aboard Boeing Co.'s 787 jets stretches into its second month, an international team of air-accident sleuths remains stumped about the underlying cause, according to people familiar with the details.
Want a painless way to learn some basics about how complex commercial jets are and what happens following the inevitable glitches at 35,000 feet? Of course you do! Enter Airframe:
Why did a passenger plane "porpoise"-pitch and dive repeatedly-enroute from Hong Kong to Denver, killing four and injuring 56? That's what Casey Singleton, VP for quality assurance for Norton Aircraft, has to find out fast. If Norton's design is to blame, its imminent deal with China may collapse, and the huge company along with it. With Casey as his unsubtle focus -- she's one of the few Crichton heroines, an all-American gal who's more plot device than character -- Crichton works readers through a brisk course in airline mechanics and safety.
(That's the Publishers Weekly description found on Amazon.)

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