Monday, February 25, 2013

Marijuana in the US & Boyle’s Budding Prospects

 Earlier this month we touched on the War on Drugs and its impact on Mexico.  Now it's time for a look on how it is playing out in the US.  Here's today’s Politico story “Bill unveiled to legalize medical pot:”
Flanked by more than 150 advocates from around the country, Oregon Democrat [Representative] Earl Blumenauer on Monday put forward his legislation allowing states to legalize medical marijuana in an effort to end the confusion surrounding federal pot policy. Blumeanuer’s legislation, which has 13 co-sponsors — including GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California — would create a framework for the FDA to eventually legalize medicinal marijuana. It would also block the feds from interfering in any of the 19 states where medical marijuana is legal.

For a novel about growing pot in the US, try T.C. Boyle’s Budding Prospects:
All Felix Nasmyth and friends have to do is harvest a crop of Cannabis Sativa...and half a million tax-free dollars will be theirs. But they haven't reckoned on nosy Northern California-style neighbors, torrential rain, demands of the flesh, and Felix's improbable new love, a wayward sculptress on whose behalf he undertakes a one-man vendetta against a drug-busting state trooper named Jerpbak. As their deal escalates through crises into nightmare, their dreams of easy money get nipped in the bud.

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