Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nigeria Kidnappings & Habila's Oil on Water

From today's BBC story "Nigeria foreign workers abducted in Bauchi state:"
At least six construction workers, some of them foreigners, have been seized by gunmen who attacked a camp in northern Nigeria, officials say...  No-one has admitted the abductions but the Islamist militant group, Boko Haram, has staged a series of attacks in northern Nigeria.
Kidnappings in Nigeria feature centrally in Helon Habila's novel Oil on Water:
In the oil-rich and environmentally devastated Nigerian Delta, the wife of a British oil executive has been kidnapped. Two journalists-a young upstart, Rufus, and a once-great, now disillusioned veteran, Zaq-are sent to find her. In a story rich with atmosphere and taut with suspense, Oil on Water explores the conflict between idealism and cynical disillusionment in a journey full of danger and unintended consequences. As Rufus and Zaq navigate polluted rivers flanked by exploded and dormant oil wells, in search of "the white woman," they must contend with the brutality of both government soldiers and militants.

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